Bringing typesafety to Tailwind

Introducing Typewind, the magic of Tailwind combined with the safety of Typescript

Why Typewind?

Zero Bundle Size

Typewind compiles away all the styles used, and converts them to static classes at build time.

Apply variants to multiple styles at once

Typewind provides an intuitive syntax to apply variants to multiple styles.


Using TS intellisense, Typewind is able to provide type safety to tailwind, and provide autocomplete for all the classes from tailwind.config.js

Types generated from config

Type definitions of tw are generated from your `tailwind.config.js`, and also creates types for custom theme palette and plugins.

No need of extensions

Type definitions along with CSS Docs are generated from your tailwind config and work using editors's built-in IntelliSense, and doesn't require extra extensions.

Supports all frameworks

Typewind works with most Javascript/Typescript frameworks and build tools like NextJS, SolidStart, Vite, etc.